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Occupy Wall Street Article October 18, 2011

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I found this article from yesterday on the New York Times website. It discusses the demographics of all of the protestors in NY as well as the protestors abroad in European cities and beyond. One of the things that I found most interesting about this article is its discussions of the parallels between Occupy Wallstreet and the Tea Party from April of 2009. Even though they have were different motives, there are some similarities.


In-Class Essay Reflections

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Overall, I thought that I was successful in my essay today. After reading it over, there are for sure some grammatical errors that I didn’t catch this morning. In addition, I felt that some of my sentences or points may have been a little bit unclear or awkward. I think that I had so many thoughts in my heads that I wanted to talk about and was having trouble putting them clearly down on paper in this essay. This is an issue that I often times have during in-class essays. Hopefully in the future I can work to calmly write a clearer, more organized outline. I wrote an outline today, but it was very vague. I think a more structured outline would help my ideas to flow more smoothly in my paper. In terms of time, I felt that my strategy worked out well. I probably could have even worked a little bit slower and thought through my points more. I ended at almost exactly 40 minutes which was good, but also means that I may not have spent as much time as I could have on it.


What Lucky People Do Differently…discussion of Steve Job’s philosophy October 7, 2011

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I stumbled across an article that discusses Steve Jobs in the context of his philosophy on life. After reading Jobs’ commencement address to Stanford University’s graduating class of 2005, last night, I was really inspired by the way in which he understood life and how he came to be as successful as he was. Obviously many others have felt the same way. In the article that I found, Erik Calonius looks to understand Jobs’ 3 points in a different light. He discusses people who define themselves as “lucky” people as opposed to those who define themselves as”unlucky.” The change in which Jobs’ explores in his address is seen by Calonius as something that is not as simple as making a drastic change in a job or relationship. Instead, Calonius sees Jobs’ view on change as a change in one’s mindset. I’m a real believer that one’s attitude can truly make a difference in his quality of life. There is no easy way to be “happy,” there’s no simple formula to get to this place in life. However, if one is able to take a more positive and active attitude towards life he will find more success. Steve Jobs seems to be a true example of this. He did not lead the most conventional life and sought to change his mindset and to really delve into something that he loved and believed in. Calonius’ discussion of lucky and unlucky people relates to this idea, and really spoke to me.