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In-Class Essay Reflections October 18, 2011

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Overall, I thought that I was successful in my essay today. After reading it over, there are for sure some grammatical errors that I didn’t catch this morning. In addition, I felt that some of my sentences or points may have been a little bit unclear or awkward. I think that I had so many thoughts in my heads that I wanted to talk about and was having trouble putting them clearly down on paper in this essay. This is an issue that I often times have during in-class essays. Hopefully in the future I can work to calmly write a clearer, more organized outline. I wrote an outline today, but it was very vague. I think a more structured outline would help my ideas to flow more smoothly in my paper. In terms of time, I felt that my strategy worked out well. I probably could have even worked a little bit slower and thought through my points more. I ended at almost exactly 40 minutes which was good, but also means that I may not have spent as much time as I could have on it.


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