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Argument November 2, 2011

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What makes an argument compelling? What persuasive devices or tools are available to writers of arguments? In order to be compelling, what must such writers always keep in mind?

A writer should perhaps first state the opposing sides and then develop his reasoning as to why his argument is the correct one. By stating the opposing viewpoints, the author is making his argument stronger. I believe that what makes an argument compelling is facts or details which help to prove the point. Arguments are a lot easier to make with actual supporting evidence or reasoning. When a writer has not fully thought out his argument it can be a lot less persuasive. A well organized and thoughtful argument is very important. In addition, a passionate voice or opinion can help to enhance an argument and catch the audience or reader’s attention. I personally am a lot more likely to listen or try and understand an argument when it seems that a writer is passionate about what he is saying and trying to prove. Writers must always keep in mind who their audience is…that is the key to success. Often times if a writer loses sight of who he is addressing in his argument, the power or support for his argument can be lost. Some tools writers can use to develop their arguments are research or specific data or knowledge including statistics or quotations.


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