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Fallacious Argument November 9, 2011

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Why global warming isn’t true…I’ve seen it myself!

I don’t notice it getting any warmer so there can’t be global warming. After all we just had snow in October! Snow is really cold, so there can’t be global warming. Last year we have 7 snow days…how many will we have this year? There can’t be any thing close to global warming if we’ve had enough snow for 7 whole days off of school. I’ve never seen the ozone layer before, the sky still looks the way it always has. I was flying in a plane the other day and the sky looked pretty and completely fine. There also can’t be global warming because I read an article by a scientist who said that global warming is just people panicing. Panicy people are always irrational so he must be right. People say that because of global warming penguins and polar bears are dying BUT I saw a penguin and a polar bear at the zoo the other day. See, there can’t be global warming…still plenty of polar bears and penguins. Not to mention that the penguins and polar bears seem to be doing just fine, hanging out in their igloos and stuff.


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