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Speaker- Willia… November 10, 2011

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Speaker- William F. Buckley Jr. “one of the leading voices of conservative politics” who has had several contributions to magazines and books.
Occasion- Buckley begins by describing a situation on a train ride home and how no one on the train spoke up about the uncomfortable temperatures on the train. This leads into his greater discussion of how people in American society no longer stand up for what they believe in even in the smallest of ways.
Audience- It seems that Buckley would be addressing the American public in general and his dismay at how things have changed. However, I would say that he is speaking more to a well off or wealthy audience because some of the inconveniences he describes may seem small or petty.
Purpose- Buckley’s purpose is to address the audience on something that has come to his attention that other people may not necessarily realize.
Subject- Buckley’s subject is the increasing complacent attitudes of the American public.
Tone- Buckley’s tone is not degrading or superior. It is really well written and articulated.


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