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Seeing January 8, 2012

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In a library every item seems to be so plain, so simple. These are items that are not supposed to offer up distraction to the focused student. However, today it seems weird to me. Even though one is supposed to sit and quietly do her work in the library, doesn’t it seem that there should be something, anything really, to give inspiration? The plain white walls, the neatly stacked books, the worn red chairs. I search emptily for something that will spark my attention. I can’t even imagine that my inspiration could be found right before me. What I have failed to realize in the past is that if one truly does look at the simple, peaceful objects in any room, she can find inspiration of perhaps the highest kind. It does not matter if one is looking out at the most stunning of landscapes or looking up from a secluded desk in the library…she can still see more clearly something that she may not have looked at before. 

My eyes jump to one item in particular though, an item that could easily be missed. This item is something that I have never truly thought about. It is open, receptive, looking for something to hold. Its sides create a tall pyramid and sharp angles. The pyramid reaches high to the sky, scanning the clouds. There are no steps in this pyramid. It is a simple slippery slope down the side. It’s deep, warm color is reflective of its purpose. As is its erect and strong stance. Just as the pyramids were created as homes for the sacred remains of powerful pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, this pyramid was created to provide a home for special and important sheets of paper. These papers, books, and magazines are kept for a purpose. Some items appear to be purposeless, but they were created for something. Someone made the item with an idea in mind. An idea of what it would look like or should be like. 



One Response to “Seeing”

  1. hvandolsen Says:

    i think a more descriptive use of color could have been an effective way to describe the shelf. i loved this sentence from spencer’s blog, and i think it was a good use of color to present an object, “Is it intentional, how the yellow so beautifully contrasts the blue, and the blue slowly fades into the white, avoiding an abrupt transition?” i also think using questions to further make a point or develop a description is helpful.

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