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Reflection on “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” February 9, 2012

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For starters, I enjoyed this piece a lot more than Buckley’s piece from yesterday. I believe that this story touches upon an issue that is often times unrecognized. One of the most beautiful parts of this piece was her shift in and out of Spanish itself. I loved how she’d give a Spanish phrase or quotation (translate it of course) mixed in with the rest of the story. I felt that this shift was indicative of her entire argument. In addition, I was unaware that there was a whole different culture of Chicano which had its own separate language and in turn identity. As bad as this may sound, I truly just assumed that there was Spanish and than there was English. However, after reading this story I realized that there could be a blend between the two. This blend came from Spanish individuals living in the U.S. being forced into a different language. What astonished me was how Americans sought to get rid of the accents of the Spanish people. To me this is unbelievably wrong, it is robbing an individual of who she is. It is not that Americans looked to simply encourage immigrants to learn English, they hoped to leave no trace of who these people once were. Their former lives were erased. It saddens me to think that our country which preaches equality and freedom for all would commit such a crime. Buckley’s piece advocating freedom of expression in its own way. I see the parallel between these two pieces because both seek to use language as a form of identity.


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