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Sedaris February 23, 2012

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I think one of the main things that attracts me to Sedaris’ writing style is his humility and his ability to make light of a somewhat uncomfortable or sensitive subject. We discussed this a lot in class on Wednesday, but when I read back through the stories his light style still stuck with me.  For instance, the subject matter of “A Plague of Tics” is taboo, but he is able to create funny anecdotes that lighten the weight of the delivery. One of my favorite moments that to me is so his voice is on page 368, “Only a confirmed idiot would rather wander the halls of my high school dressed in a floor-length caftan;as for the countless medallions that hung from my neck, I might as well have worn a cowbell.” Sedaris’ humility is so refreshing. My favorite type of humor is self-deprecating humor. I have trouble dealing with people who take themselves to seriously all of the time. Sedaris knows how he was acting was ridiculous and laughs at the image of himself as child. However, in “That’s Amore” he is still able to laugh at himself. Instead of being overly offended by Helen’s ridiculous commentary and views of life, Sedaris simply laughs them off and secretly agrees sometimes too. Sedaris writes, “The woman unfurled a few thick fingers, the way you might when working an equation: 2 young men + 1 bedroom – ugly panelling = fags. ‘Yeah, we met.’ Her voice was heavy with disdain. ‘We met, all right.'” I feel as though this excerpt represents Sedaris’ self-deprecating humor as well. He uses a stereo-type to make fun of himself. Sedaris is now one of my favorite writers and I’m going to read more of his stuff later on.


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